Tribal Unity Gathering XIX

TGXVIII presentation

YKHC’s eighteenth Tribal Unity Gathering is set for April 11-12, 2012, in Bethel, Alaska. Tribal Council representatives, YKHC Board Members, staff and leadership will meet to determine health care priorities for the coming year. Stay tuned for registration information.

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  1. Nick Tom said on

    My name is Nick Tom. I am from Newtok which is located 80 miles west of Bethel, a coastal community near Nelson Island. Over the years I have bee concerned with how storing our subsistence food have changed. Part of our livlihood has always been living off the sea in which we used to use traditional storage. For instance, our parents use to use seal skin to store poked herring fish, seal oil blubber, dried oil seal meats and other sea animals. Over the years, families have began to using five gallon containers to store food and use plastic bag liners in the five gallon containers when storing seal bludder. It’s no wander our native people are dying from cancer at alarming rate. There has been no studies implemented how plastic containers and garbage bags can affect our traditional food and cause cancer amoung our people. I am encouraging this study be made and discuss these issues during the tribal gathering held on yearly bases.

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