YK Delta Job and Career Fair

YKHC’s Human Resources and Area Health Education Center (AHEC) will be at the YK Delta Job and Career Fair on Friday, March 23, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Cultural Center in Bethel. the Career Fair is open to anyone looking for a job, training, information, etc. Find out more about working for YKHC and other employment opportunities in the YK region.

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  1. Norman Tunuchuk said on

    I am looking for a job related to repairs and maintanence, looking for find new skills and would want some health benefits like dental. I would also like to look for jobs related to janitor, laborer, and/or helper laborer. I would want to look closely to my health while I work to get paid to start paying for some bills and get out of the house to do something instead of sitting around and wait for something to happen.

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