Cerner and “RAVEN” – our journey towards Electonic Health Record


Our Electronic Health Record system now has a name: RAVEN. RAVEN stands for Records And Verification Electronic Network, the name was submitted by CHAP, Robert Pitka from the Marshall Clinic. This is the new system, RAVEN, is going to be used to move our medical record keeping—including how we document our patient encounters in Village Clinics—from paper forms kept in paper folders, to electronic forms and electronic charts.

What does this mean for our patients? Well, most importantly, it will mean that the encounter in the Village Clinic on Tuesday morning will be available to the ER doctor when the patient shows up there Tuesday Afternoon. Instantly, the record will be viewable in the village, in the Outpatient Clinics, in the ER, Specialty Clinic, and even at ANMC. Now the providers—including Health Aides— will have all the information available whenever—and wherever—they see the patient at every encounter within the Tribal health system. The Go Live date, the date that we switch over at every location—the YKDR Hospital, the Sub-Regional Clinics, all Village Clinics, North Wing, the ER—is January 28, 2013.

More on our RAVEN webpage!

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