YKHC Behavioral Health works hard to lift spirits!

The YKHC Behavioral Health Department was just awarded a grant from the Alaska Mental Health Trust. The Behavioral Health Department has challenged itself to improve access to services for the approximately 100 individuals a month who are referred for services through the outpatient clinic in Bethel.

The grant will pay to renovate a large single office with the YK Community Health Service building into a shared office space for three individuals working within the intake department.  The new space will accommodate increased full-time staffing and provide for a physical environment that promotes unity with purpose. The renovation will also increase the space available for client care.

Community leaders attending last month’s Tribal Gathering showed that Behavioral Health issues, especially suicide, is still high on the list of concerns.  Improving the intake process is a necessary first step to getting people into the treatment programs that can help them address depression and other issues in a timely manner.

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  1. Helmut G. Kramer MD,MSc (semi-retired psychiatrist) said on

    I had the privilege of working with your Behavioral Health staff in winter and spring of 2001. We all know that rapid evaluation/assessment is of prime importance in preventing catastrophies in the lives of families.

    If you have a need for added temporary psychiatric coverage or vacation coverage, please let me know; I would be delighted to provide help to your community.

    Helmut G. Kramer MD,MSc
    cell: (941) 286-5875

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