Meet YKHC’s Yupik Dentist Susan Sergie DMD

Dr. Susan Sergie checks an xray.

Waqaa! Wiinga Uqviilluq. My name is Susan Sergie. I am full Yup’ik, originally from Alakanuk. I am the fourth child out of seven. We grew up living a subsistence lifestyle, living off of the land.

My first thought of dentistry was when I was eight years old. For a remote village in Alaska to receive dental care, a dentist had to travel via airplane. Dr. Jill Calvert came into our classroom to talk about dentistry as a career and showed us wonderful pictures of her trip around the world providing dental care to those in need. Dr. Jill fixed an enamel defect that some of the children would tease me about because I had dirty buck teeth. Dr. Jill had such a tremendous impact on my life by allowing me to have more confidence in myself.

After high school, I went to Bible school in Waxahachie, Texas. Due to family emergencies, I came back to Alaska and worked in Togiak where my parents were living. In Togiak, the nurse practitioner asked me if I wanted to become a dental assistant. The dental clinic in Dillingham had a dental assistant who had trained at the Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana. The dentists asked if I would be interested in receiving training at that school. I thought training in Montana would be beneficial. I was off on another adventure that also included meeting my future husband. After training, I returned to Dillingham. I was sent on a village trip the second week I was there and loved every second of it. I soon found myself signing up for every opportunity to go on village trips. I developed presentations about the importance of oral health for the schools in these villages to speak about dentistry.

I had the pleasure of going on a village trip to Ekwok with Dr. William Murdock, who inspired me to become a dentist. My goal was to become a hygienist, but he was the first to help me see my potential of becoming a dentist and that there is a great need for dentists in rural communities.

I moved to Anchorage the summer of 2003 to go to college. As I was pursuing my dream, my brother committed suicide. In response to this tragedy, I reduced my course load. Then months later, my older sister committed suicide in the fall of 2004. This was a time when my family needed to be together so I took a leave of absence from college then returned to pursue my career. I stayed strong through the love and support of family and friends and by focusing on the positive rather than the negative. Through this experience, I believe there are two types of people in this world—those who dwell on the problems they face and those that look for solutions to their problems.

I worked with Southcentral Foundation as a dental assistant/oral surgery assistant from May 2004 to August 2008, then attended Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine, graduating in 2013.

SusanSergieDMDThere have been many people who impacted my life. I would not have made it this far without their encouragement and support. I owe a mountain of gratitude especially to Dr. Thomas Kovaleski and Dr. Richard Simonsen who believed in me and allowed me to make my dream a reality. There may be unexpected twists and turns on your path towards your dream, but with love, support and encouragement from family and friends, you can accomplish your goals!

Plans at YKHC: There is a great need for Native dentists in the rural communities of Alaska. I want to be a role model for my people. I hope that through my example, they will see and know that with support, persistence and determination, we all can be successful!


  1. Stella Scammon Bay said on


  2. Mary K. Evan said on

    Yeah, welcome to Dental and it is fun working with you Susan 😀

  3. Rose K said on

    How thrilling it is to see another one of our own achieve their goal. Congratulations! My you have a successful career, Dr. Sergie!

  4. Kelly Powell said on

    Susan, what an inspiration! I just clicked on a link from Facebook and read your remarkable story. What a great role model for Yupiks/Alaska natives all over Alaska, and anyone who has had tragedy and heartache like you have experienced, yet you persevered and came out a winner! I’m proud of you as I’m sure many will be who read this article! Thanks for sharing your amazing triumph! :)

  5. Dr. Jill Calvert said on

    What an incredible journey and story. You have no idea how it makes me “smile and glow” to realize how great an impact we have on each other. YOU are the epitome of perserverance and belief in yourself. Great characteristics! Life is all about priorities, choices, and consequences. Something each person has in life…all the time. You clearly have that right girl!! I am so very very proud of you. Lets go do dentistry together in a village… soon!!

  6. Dorrie Wallis, RDH said on

    Hearty congratulations to Dr Susan Sergie! As a YKHC hygienist, I flew to many different villages, trying to bring good oral health info to the kids. I may have reached a few, but always felt that they would respond so much better to a role model of their own culture.
    To see this now happening brings me great happines and joy. Dr Susan, you may be the key we have waited and prayed for, for a number of years.
    I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Jill Calvert, kudos to her for starting you on your journey! While at YK, I help to organize and participate in “Smile Alaska”….I hope you can revive the program, applying principles that you believe would work, as a way of help all kids in the Delta achieve improved oral health. Wishing you great success”

  7. Nathon Blackburn said on

    Thank you for your perseverance! This is such an inspirational story! For Alaska Natives we must be the change we wish to see! You are a true role model!


  8. Mickie Gates said on


    I just came across this. CONGRATULATIONS on your DMD degree. I am so proud of you.

    If you have a spare minute can you contact me personally? I have a couple personal questions to ask you. Thanks, and once again, congratulations.


  9. Carol B said on

    Susan I am so so proud of you n ur accomplishments!! Dr.Susan…I can’t believe that this cute little niece of mine is a Dentist! But yeah, keep up the good work and spread GOD’S love to the people you serve!! “I Know The Master of The Sea”

  10. Bonnie Gregory said on

    Hey there Susan! Way to go lady. You have become what you dreamed. Very very elated to see you achieve a high level dream that can be attained. Congratulations.

  11. Maggi OBrien said on

    I may have taken care of your mother at the Prematernal Home. I was a young nurse there in Bethel in the 80’s. I’m thrilled to see a local gal make us all proud. Your contribution and example will be huge. Lots of little future dentists, doctors, nurses and all things between just needing that nudge from a role mixed. May the Great Spirit bless you in your good works.

  12. Rachel said on

    You are a product of a very loving family! God has you in his hands!

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