Career Pathways

The intent of YKHC’s Career Pathways program, under the Alaska Health Education Center (AHEC) is to encourage the promotion of health careers for for our region’s youth and Adult Learners.

The Youth Focus under Career Pathways includes efforts such as:

  • Career Fairs in Bethel and Villages
  • Brown Bag Luncheons in the Classrooms
  • Job Shadows
  • Dual Credit Courses
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Our annual goal is to reach 500 youth each year to encourage careers in the health field. Our staff has met this goal each year since 2009 and we have encountered over 2000 youth over this time span.

The Adult Learners track is focused on adults who demonstrate interest in careers in health.

Our goal is to engage at least 500 Adult Learners each year, seeking information about possible health careers, as well as engaging in opportunities to pursue a career in the health industry.

Our efforts with Adult Learners in the YK Delta include:

  • Adults actively participating in career fairs
  • Upon request, we assist adults seeking information and resources regarding local college or technical training opportunities where prerequisites for course entry may be needed.
  • We provide scholarship information about pertinent health career opportunities when available.
  • We promote job and encourage scholarship opportunities for numerous career fields such as Dental Health Aides, Behavioral Health Aides, Community Health Aide Practitioner, Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Care Attendants, First Responders (EMTs) and Registered Nurses.
  • We provide information about scholarship opportunities sponsored by YKHC , and encourage students to seek additional funding opportunities they may be eligible for in our health network and through regional, tribal, state, and federal partnerships.

The Human Resources staff has met its annual goal of 500 encounters with Adult Learners over the last three years.

For more information about scholarships, career fairs, and educational opportunities for area youth and adult learners within our Career Pathways program, please contact our Human Resources department at 1-800-478-3321 ext. 6060