Community Activity and Garden Awards


Application Deadline March 14, 2014 

Over the past few decades many of our Native people living in the YK Delta have become less physically active, are eating less Native food, and have been developing more chronic health diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancers and obesity.

YKHC’s Diabetes Prevention & Control Program is currently inviting all commuities in the YK Delta to apply for our 2014 Community Activity and Garden Award fundsWe are encouraging city and tribal government and other non-profit agencies to partner with us to develop long-term activity programs that will help prevent diabetes and other chronic health diseases by increasing healthy lifestyle choices for people living in our rural communities.

Download the Cover Letter
Download the 2014 Community Activity and Garden Awards application
Download the Proposed Budget Cover Letter with Vendor Info Example Pages to see how to submit your budget proposal.

Print the application, fill it out and fax to 1-907-543-6104, or scan to  The deadline for submission is March 14, 2014To find out more about the Community Activity and Garden Award grants, please call Diabetes Prevention at 907-543-6133.


This award program is designed to promote an active lifestyle to help prevent type 2 diabetes in your community. Below are examples of projects we have previously funded:

  • Eskimo dancing supplies
  • Subsistence equipment and supplies (berry picking, survival skills, ice fishing, etc.)
  • Exercise equipment (stair climber, treadmill, stationary bike, weight equipment, etc.)
  • Sport/Gym equipment (balls, nets, hoops, parachutes, etc.)
  • Greenhouse(s)
  • Gardening supplies and /or equipment
  • Exercise class equipment and/or DVDs (aerobics, karate, etc.)
  • Kick sleds, skis, snowboards, snowshoes, etc.
  • Roller blades and skates
  • Wrestling mats

Thank you for supporting YKHC’s Diabetes Prevention & Control Program and ultimately, the health of the people living in your community. If you need further assistance completing the application, please call 1-877-543-6133.