Electronic Health Record – RAVEN

YKHC launched it’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) on January 28, 2013. RAVEN stands for Records And Verification Electronic Network; the name was chosen by Robert Pitka from the Marshall clinic. Currently, over 100 employees in 32 teams are working with Cerner to create the RAVEN system for the hospital, SRCs, and clinics. Over 13,000 hours of time have been invested to train upwards of 900 staff employed by YKHC since this initiative began over one calendar year ago.

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RAVEN will serve as an electronic version of patient medical history. RAVEN will make all critical information about a patient immediately available to providers. What does this mean for our patients? One of the most visible differences patients will see, will be computers in every exam room. Health Aides and Providers alike will be filling out new electronic forms instead of Patient Examination Forms (or PEFs), for one. Over the last two months, all YKHC staff have completed extensive training on how to use the new RAVEN system.

We appreciate our patient and customer’s patience as transition past our Go-Live date of January 28, 2013. Our staff, providers, and customers should understand that there will be some challenges when all RAVEN systems are turned on January 28, 2013. YKHC is committed to a successful implementation of this project and all employees have been notified to be available and committed during the implementation of this project. Senior Leadership has set the precedent by mandating administrative “black-out dates” where no Paid-Time Off or Leave can be taken by our workforce effective January 14, 2013 through March 1, 2013.

EHRs implementation for other similar sized health care organizations have successfully allowed for critical health information to be available to patients and providers to reduce medical errors. We expect RAVEN to improve patient safety and patient care at YKHC. Implementing RAVEN means that YKHC will continue to receive Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements, which will improve financial viability for the organization and provide a lasting impact to the local economy.

In the upcoming months, we would like to ask our patients and staff to understand our hope that our efforts will go smoothly, though some delays and waiting may occur at the very start of our “Go Live” date. Initially, some health services may take a bit longer than usual. Please be patient with us, on this journey towards RAVEN, as we adjust to the new processes in an effort to improve patient care.

As a result of Go-Live with RAVEN, our Family Medicine Clinics at Bethel’s YK Delta Regional Hospital (Yukon, Kuskokwim & Delta) and Pharmacy will be open for extended weekday hours and on Saturdays effective Jan. 28-Feb. 28, 2013. Patients will be able to schedule appointments for extended hours starting January 22, 2013.

Clinic & Pharmacy Hours are
Monday-Friday open until 7 PM
President’s Day Holiday (Feb. 18) & Saturdays*
10 am- 6 pm
Saturdays in February
10 am-6 pm

*extended clinic hours effective until Feb. 28, 2013 only*

Click here for more information about Electronic Health Record as defined by CMS.gov.