Hunting Caribou Close By

Published on February 1, 2012

Daniel started gathering his hunting gear methodically—parka, snowpants, gloves, and a bag with various tools and necessities for the trip. I cautiously asked who else was going. I then asked if he’d like me to come along. He said that the choice would be mine to make so I started getting ready too.


YKHC begins new contract with TriWest Healthcare

Published on January 17, 2012

YKHC has signed a new contract with TriWest , providing healthcare services to our regional veterans and other military personnel within our service area. In particular, the contract signing will benefit our village clinics and behavioral health services.

Standing left to right: Shannon Rivers, Hooper Bay; Whitney Carter, Quinhagak; Sandra Derendy, Sleetmute; Theresa Twitchell, Kasigluk; Printellina Moses, Toksook Bay; Flossie Simone. Sitting left to right: Darlene Pete, Nunam Iqua; Natasia Kassel, Kasigluk; Jacob Askoak, float; Olga Clark; Kwethluk; Regina Paul, Pilot Station; Carlotta Evan, Tuntutuliak.

Health Aide Session 1

Published on January 13, 2012

Health Aides see 100,000 patients visits a year! Becoming a health aide is a big committment, involving long training sessions in Bethel, away from home and family. Thank your health aide today!

YKHC's Technology Department monitors network equipment & bandwidth while President and CEO Gene Peltola speaks with Gov. Sean Parnell via hi-speed video teleconference.

Terra Southwest project speeds YK internet

Published on January 13, 2012

The $88 million project connecting the YK Delta’s Internet services through a combination of microwave and sub-sea fiber optics, will eliminate the region’s reliance on satellites for connectivity to Anchorage, the rest of Alaska, and the lower 48.