Below are the members of YKHC’s Board of Directors. Click here to see the board officers and committees. Schedule of meeting dates. Service unit map.

Mary Ayunerak, Unit 1

Michael Hunt, Unit 1

Geraldine Beans, Unit 2

James C. Landlord, Unit 2

Billy Jean Stewart, Unit 3

Betty Turner, Unit 3

Phillip K. Peter, Sr, Unit 4

Mildred Evan, Unit 4

Chris Larson, Unit 5

Stanley Hoffman, Sr. Unit 5

Hugh Snyder, Unit 5

Gloria Simeon, Unit 5

Esai Twitchell, Jr., Unit 6

Robert Enoch, Unit 7

James R Charlie, Sr, Unit 8

James Sipary, Unit 8

Patrick Tall, Unit 9

Maria Theresa Friday, Unit 9

Joshua Cleveland, Unit 10

Marvin Deacon, Unit 11

Paul John

Paul John, Honorary