The Clara Morgan Subregional Clinic in Aniak opened in 1995.

Clara Morgan Subregional Clinic

Phone: 907-675-4556

Less than an hour flight from Bethel, Aniak is home to the Clara Morgan Subregional Clinic (SRC) that supports communities and villages throughout the northeastern Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.  Part of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Aniak and the surrounding area is home to premier fishing and wildlife viewing.

With a history ingrained with the gold rush and the traditions of the Yup’ik culture that date back decades, Aniak is a city rich with cultural and historic wealth.  Literally meaning “the place where it comes out” in the native Yup’ik, Aniak is located at the mouth of the Aniak River as it opens into the Kuskokwim River.  Here, you’ll collaborate with equally dedicated peers to care for the native Yup’ik residents whose warmth and welcoming spirit is reflective of their familial culture.  And with patient screening rooms, dental stations, an emergency room, Village Services/Behavioral Health offices, medical laboratory, and radiology, you’ll find the resources you need.

YKHC opened the Aniak Subregional clinic in January, 1995. The clinic provides health care services to residents in Anvik, Red Devil, Russian Mission, Crooked Creek, Holy Cross, Lime Village, Upper Kalskag, Lower Kalskag, Chuathbaluk, Shageluk, Grayling, Sleetmute, Stony River, Napaimute, and Georgetown.

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