Emergency room at the Emmonak Subregional Clinic.

Pearl E. Johnson Subregional Clinic

Phone: 907-949-3500

The Pearl E. Johnson Sub-Regional Clinic (SRC) is in the city of Emmonak, at the mouth of the Yukon River and ten miles from the Bering Sea.  As the northernmost SRC, Emmonak services the healthcare needs of the primarily Yup’ik villages of Emmonak, Alakanuk, Kotlik, Nunam Iqua, Bill Moore’s Slough, Chuloonawick and Hamilton.

Home to a large commercial fishing industry, Emmonak was originally named Kwiguk, meaning “big stream,” in reference to the Yukon River which joins the Bering Sea at this point.  As a part of this family-centered culture, your genuine care and compassion for residents of the surrounding villages will ensure that their rich history, tradition and spirit continue to thrive.  Alongside your equally dedicated peers, you’ll have ample opportunity to participate in and learn local traditions from community interaction and Eskimo Dance Potlatches.

YKHC opened the Emmonak Sub-Regional clinic in April, 2001.

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