St Mary's Subregional Clinic.

John Afcan Memorial Subregional Clinic


Situated between the two cities of St. Mary’s and Andreafsky, the John Afcan Memorial Subregional Clinic (SRC) services seven towns and villages in the northern interior of the YK Delta. Opened in April of 2001, the SRC is located centrally to the sea-life rich coastline and Bering Sea, as well as the heart of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge and its rich bio-diversity.

Set along gentle hillsides and a scenic valley, you’ll experience the true wonderment that makes Alaska unique.  With multiple outdoor activities to keep your heart pumping, you’ll also have an exceptional opportunity to fill your heart with the warm and tranquil culture of the Yup’ik residents who turn to you for care. Our modern patient screening rooms, dental stations, emergency room, Village Services/Behavioral Health offices, medical laboratory, and radiology services will allow you to partner with your peers to ensure the health of the Yup’ik residents continues to grow alongside the community.

The clinic provides health care services to residents in St. Mary’s, Andreafski, Pitka’s Point, Mountain Village, Pilot Station, Marshall, and Ohogomuit.

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