Residents arrive at the clinic for the grand opening.

Located on Nelson Island, which covers a picturesque 33 square miles 115 miles northwest of Bethel, the Toksook Bay Subregional Clinic (SRC) serves a deeply Yup’ik community where culture and tradition have been cherished for thousands of years, and Yup’ik still reigns as the primary language. Practicing the traditional diet of fish and seal meat by many local residents also keeps the richness of the culture alive in modern times.

In a place where the earliest inhabitants are still remembered by name, residents turn to the genuine compassion and expertise of caregivers like you to ensure the health and vitality of both the community and culture continue to endure. In acceptance of this remarkable opportunity, you’ll embark on a journey that rewards you with the warmth of a sincerely welcoming culture and the professional and personal challenge that invigorates the spirit.

Toksook Bay SRC serves the villages of Newtok, Tununak, Mekoryuk, Umkumuit, Nightmute and Cherfornak.


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