Affordable Care Act – Tribal Member Exemptions

Story by – Jennifer Cooper National Indian Health Board

December 23, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Starting in 2014, individuals must have health coverage or pay a tax penalty (also known as the “individual shared responsibility payment”). In some cases, individuals, including American Indians and Alaska Natives and Other Individuals who are eligible to receive services from an Indian Health Care Provider, may be able to receive an exemption from this fee.

To qualify for an exemption, individuals will need to complete an application. Yesterday, CMS finalized the exemption applications. Please find attached the Application for Exemption for American Indians and Alaska Natives and Other Individuals who are Eligible to Receive Services from an Indian Health Care Provider which is available via the highlighted link below.

CMS also clarified that a “hardship” exemption is available to consumers who received a cancellation notice from their issuer and believe that the Marketplace plan options in their area are more expensive than their cancelled health insurance policy. These individuals can submit an exemption form and enroll in catastrophic coverage if it is available in their area. More information about this issue is available under the helpful links below.

Available Exemptions:
· Complete List of Exemptions:
· Hardship Exemption:
· Affordability Exemption:
· Ministry Exemption:
· Religious Sect Exemption:
· Tribal Exemption:
· Incarceration Exemption:

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