Centering Pregnancy Program

Story by – Allison McIntyre, Public Relations

July 11, 2012 - 1 minute read

YKHC has recently brought a prenatal program called Centering Pregnancy to the YK Delta. The Centering Pregnancy program provides pregnant women with many opportunities to learn about being pregnant, child birth, and parenting.

“I have seen a great need in our population here for more support and education for our women,” said Brenda Lamont, RN, YKHC Centering Pregnancy Coordinator. “More importantly, what’s needed is not just education or information from us as their medical providers, but information from other women who have experienced and faced the same issues. This all becomes possible during our two-hour group sessions,” she said.

Some of the things this program emphasizes include spending more time with your provider, sharing and learning from other pregnant mothers’ experiences, gaining support from the other group members, and being able to track your baby’s growth as your pregnancy progresses. Lamont explained that the Centering Pregnancy program is a passion of hers and she sees that it is a life changing and powerful experience. She also said that the program has been very successful and has received phenomenal reviews from patients. υ