“When I made the decision to apply to the COMPASS Program I had to decide whether or not I wanted to make the commitment of my time and energy away from my work and personal life in the middle of the most active time of year as far as subsistence. It was a difficult decision but I am happy that I took the chance. Taking time away from your life outside of work to further your education and opportunities is a decision that is faced by many of us here in our part of the world. What I have learned so far such as learning about conflict resolution, meeting management concerns and making those hard decisions is as equally important in improving the quality of our lives, both for ourselves and others.
—Susan Charles, 2013 Compass Cohort 

“The first three weeks of COMPASS have been an awesome learning experience. So far, we have learned a lot about Customer Focus and Leadership Management. The past 2 weeks, we have been rotating through different departments within YKHC. It is a great experience to get a glimpse of the day to day operations and different management and leadership skills in the organization. I have the privilege of working with Rita Kalistook as my mentor throughout the 12 week program. I am excited to see what the future has to offer for the rest of the program and my future goal to hold an entry level management position within a year once I complete the COMPASS program. I am honored to be selected, this is the perfect opportunity to further my knowledge in the workforce.”
—Jessa Jung, 2013 Cohort

“The COMPASS Program was presented to me at a perfect time in my career of Dental Health Aide Therapy which is in the process of growing every day. I have learned about personality types, goal setting, management styles, customer service, leadership, emotional intelligence, program and productiv­ity evaluation and so much more. My belt has gained many tools for success and the challenge is to utilize those tools and share them with my co-workers. This Culturally relevant Opportunity, from the start, has challenged me in so many other different ways.

“As part of the COMPASS Program, we have been paired with a mentor. My mentor is Joseph Shawler, Service Desk Manager in Technology Department, also known as Joe. Together, Joe and I discuss my experience through the COMPASS Program and work towards meeting my personal goal.

“We have been rotating through departments which has allowed me to a wide array different management and work styles. The department rotations have really opened my eyes and to see the many different perspectives of how we all work together to achieve excellent health. These rotations have also opened an opportunity for me to have contact with managers and workers who are more than eager to help me build my skills.

“Overall, the COMPASS Program has been a great experience. I am excited to have been selected for such a program and even more excited to use what I learn towards meeting goals of the corporation, my department and even my own personal goals. For this, I am thankful.”
—Bonnie Johnson, 2013 Compass Cohort (Photo in NN062813)

“Compass is an intensive Native leadership training program that I have the op­portunity to experience. Compass has been instrumental in my growth as a manager and for me personally. Compass offers a vast array of learning opportunities through Depart­ment Rotations, Projects, Mentor support, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service, and Leadership Management. Compass Program has impacted and benefitted me in so many ways. I am excited to apply what I learn in my current position as a CHAP Supervisor-Instructor—this will help me to become a more effective and efficient manager and ultimately help me to have a greater contribution and impact on health service for our people in the YK Delta. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort that YKHC Senior Leadership Team, ANWD Pillar Team, Jennifer Nixon, Shannon Freitas, Mentor, Department leaders, Guest Speakers, my current supervisors Rahnia and Herman, and my fellow Compass Cohorts who have all contributed to the Compass program to assist me on my path to growth and leadership—Quyana!
—Beverly M Wulf, 2014 Compass Cohort

“With Compass, I have been given the opportunity to develop an understanding of how different departments function, both internally and externally, that would otherwise be unavailable without this program. Furthermore, by experiencing these rotations, I have been able to build a network of contacts and resources that will not only be beneficial for me but for those I interact with as I pursue my career towards leadership and management. This program is providing the Cohort and myself the necessary tools to become effective leaders and to build a better future for the people of the region. I would like to thank my supervisor, mentor and Compass Cohort for their time, direction and support they have given me thus far. In addition, I am grateful for all the departments participating in the rotations that have taken the time out of their schedules to meet with the Cohort and for all the work they have put in to provide a great learning experience.”
—Ray Petersen, 2014 Compass Cohort

“In Compass, I have learned I can always move forward in my personal goals of self improvement. The interactions I’ve had with YKHC managers have helped me learn how to set expectations to avoid stagnation. I look forward to continu­ing to develop both personally and professionally.”
—Joe Okitkun, 2015 Compass Cohort

“In the Compass classroom, department rotations, and though interactions with my mentor- I have had the opportunity to speak with YKHC managers across the corporation. As a result, I feel I have gained exposure to many different styles of communication. Additionally, reading Crucial Conversations has opened my eyes and helped me to identify and prevent potential conflicts from escalating. My goal is to continue applying the tools I’ve gained.”
—Marsha Smith, 2015 Compass Cohort

“I have gained various management skills and tools from our guest speakers, mentors, department managers, and leaders that will help me be an effective manager at YKHC. The most useful tools and skills I’ve gained so far are organizing, prioritizing, communicating effectively, managing time wisely, and learning healthy ways to manage stress. I am excited and ready for more challenges.”
—Molly Billy, 2015 Compass Cohort

“We are eternally grateful, and cannot express our appreciation enough, for each and every department and manager taking the time to present their field of work. Each and every encounter has been unique and meaningful.

“We have acquired tools for different management styles, knowledge on how to be a team player, and inspiration for personal growth. We have had the op­portunity to visit and spend time with various departments throughout YKHC – learning about essential topics in the work environment that has helped us to grow professionally, as well as tweaked interest in pursuits of personal career paths.

“As we have learned numerous tools for professional growth, we have been able to identify areas in our own workspace that have been impacted positively.

“Our journey has been exciting and inspiring, and we look forward to the last month of the program with anticipation.”
—Compass Cohort 2015