Diabetes Program brings it home! Nutrition and Fitness!

Story by – YKHC Grants Development Dept.

May 6, 2013 - 1 minute read
Hepsiba Ernestjesudason of WIC, and Jilda Murchison and Zhi Tai of Diabetes Prevention handed out healthy food samples at the hospital on Diabetes Alert Day last month—one example of the Diabetes Program's "Fun and Innovative" approach.

YKHC Diabetes Program announces community gardens and fitness funds.

Innovative and fun. These are the first two words that come to mind when you think of how YKHC’s Diabetes Prevention and Control Program shares funds with communities in the YK Region.

This summer, community gardens and playground equipment will support nutrition and physical activity near and far, going the extra mile to reach the very peak of freshness and good health.

The Diabetes program will provide financial support for community gardens in all villages, helping to promote the health benefits of gardening through working together. Six villages and Bethel currently have community gardens; we hope to support the implementation of new gardens in 10 more villages.

The program will further help communities to purchase exercise equipment. Such support in the past has been very beneficial to villages and communities that don’t have money to buy exercise equipment.  This in turn has increased the opportunity to exercise and the benefits that physical activity brings.

The epidemic of Type 2 diabetes in youth is associated with decreasing activity and increasing obesity.  The YK Delta has long, extreme winters that limit outdoor physical activity. This program helps schools to develop physical activity programs and/or purchase exercise and gym equipment to promote physical activity in school-aged children.