First Aid Kits: ‘Neighbor Helping Neighbor’

Story by – Bill O’Brien, YKHC Injury Control & EMS Dept.

January 24, 2013 - 2 minutes read

I attended a conference many years ago but still remember the story. It happened in Southeast Alaska. A child was found with a minor injury. A rescuer volunteered to assist with the injured child. While someone went to call for an ambulance they also went to find a First Aid kit.

No First Aid kit in their home so they decided to ask the neighbors.

No First Aid kits were found.

The injured child was eventually transported to the hospital. The rescuer was disturbed that no First Aid kits were in any homes of that neighborhood. Finding a way to get some funds, the volunteer rescuer purchased multiple First Aid kits to distribute to the homes of that neighborhood.

If a First Aid kit would be needed in the future one could easily be found.

I guess it all goes into thinking ahead. The thought is, “It will never happen to me or my family.” I hope so, but we all know sooner or later, before you can blink an eye, an accident happens.

Be ready.

I know the good feeling I would have if I were prepared and could help.

Something as small as a First Aid Kit could make a big difference. A slogan in Alaska is “Neighbor helping neighbor.”

First Aid kits and other safety items such as float coats, helmets and ice cleats are available at the YKHC store, located at the end of the entreway of the Community Health Services Building (‘New YK’). We also have coffee, espresso drinks and snacks!

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