YKHC Family Infant Toddler Program
PO Box 528
Bethel, Alaska 99559
907-543-1276 (fax)

The Family Infant Toddler Program is for families with very young children with special developmental and health needs.

These needs may include:

  • Prematurity (born before 37th week of pregnancy)
  • Lack of oxygen or trauma at birth
  • Frequent illness (ear infections, Pneumonia)
  • Serious illness (Meningitis, RSV, Pneumonia)
  • Prenatal exposure to substances (FAS, FAE)
  • Syndromes present at birth (Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, vision impairment, limb differences, cleft lip/palate)
  • Exposure to violence/ trauma

How Our Program Works

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