Grants help fund YKHC services, programs

Story by – YKHC Grants Development Service

July 10, 2013 - 2 minutes read

The Good News: We got the Grant!

With the beginning of the State of Alaska fiscal year in July comes the annual grant funding that helps YKHC provide services throughout the region.

Grant Development Director Claudia Palacios says, the one thing the Grant Development Department values more than helping our division leaders and program service managers improve their grant performance is hearing about their success. “We’re proud to be part of each of their achievements and want to share their success stories.”

The Behavioral Health Division is a leader in State grant submissions, receiving and managing millions of dollars in funded projects and ongoing programs. The Early Intervention, Infant Learning, STAR, Community Disability, Sobering Center, and Therapeutic Court programs represent a small sample of how Behavioral Health is using our grant management system and their grant awards to make a difference in their communities. Although there was a reduction in Behavioral Health funding due to the sequestration, this year the division will receive approximately $4,6 million in grant revenue.

Village Operations secured additional funds for both their Diabetes program and Tobacco program. With the eight grants already in progress, the total comes to approximately $4.2 million.

Most funding supports on-going programs and projects. Among the new funding this year: a federal “Adolescent Health” grant for $757,276 for pregnancy assistance support to expectant and parenting teens, women, fathers and families.

Another $2.1 million in funding for various programs is pending, with approval expected.

State of Alaska Grants

Early Intervention/Infant Learning Program — $690,186
Residential Care Children & Youth — $116,800
Community Behavioral Health Treatment & Recovery — $3,785,975
Senior In-Home — $75,000
Sobering Center — $818,000
Therapeutic Court — $277,137
Univ. of Alaska CANAR Obesity Study — $45,000
STAR — $85,000

Federal Grants

Adolescent Health — $757,276
Diabetes Carryover — $643,780
Provider Orientation Manual Project — $7,647

Other Funding Sources

Rasmuson Foundation, Vitamin D Study — $25,000
Mental Health Trust/Office Remodel for Behavioral Health — $10,000