Health Aides of the Month for March and April

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May 28, 2013 - 3 minutes read

March 2013 Health Aide of the Month: Gwendolyn Evan, CHA I in Kongiganak

Nomination written by Martha Attie, SI:

Gwendolyn Evan first started working for YKHC CHAP as an Office Assistant in July 2010. When she became interested in more challenging work, she applied to become a Community Health Aide and in 2012 transferred to become a CHA and completed Session I training.

She does a good job of using her training and the CHAM as her guide and when her SI observed her work for Session 1 Field Followp, she proved to be professional, easygoing, and straightforward. She fully completes her patient care in the new Electronic Health Record, RAVEN.

One day in March, she saw a patient with a history of diabetes. She completed all exam expectations and completed the RMT as an urgent patient to the on-call provider. The provider advised her to start an IV on this patient and, following the CHAM, she got the IV going by herself.

Gwendolyn demonstrated her commitment to providing excellent patient care by continuing to observe the patient and by continued RMT until the patient was better and went home. The village of Kongiganak and YKHC are lucky to have such a caring, dedicated Health Aide who is working as a CHA to save lives. We look forward to seeing her keep up the excellent work.

Please join the CHAP Department in congratulating Gwendolyn for March Health Aide of the Month!

 April 2013 Health Aide of the Month: Jorian Hamilton, CHA III in Grayling

Nomination written by Adeline Mael, SI:

Jorian is currently the only Community Health Aide in Grayling and is always willing to help other villages when needed. He’s been a big help, enjoys traveling to busier clinics and has been on call 24-7 even when he floats to those busy clinics.

The staff from Mountain Village said he did a great job when he helped at their clinic, taking the on-call and staying busy in the clinic. His supervisor also received appreciation from the community of Mountain Village for Jorian’s work while he was there. He shows himself to be energetic and dedicated; he enjoys taking charge of any situation and he states that he loves his job.

The community of Grayling has been counting on Jorian because he is the only Health Aide in that community, while he also helps out in Shageluk when he is asked to float there. We appreciate Jorian’s dedication to being a Health Aide and in doing a good job! Please join the CHAP Department in congratulating Jorian for April Health Aide of the Month!

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