Health Aides of the Month – July/August 2013

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November 1, 2013 - 2 minutes read

July, 2013—Daniel Clark, Sr. of Kwigillingok.

by Helena Brink-Walters

Daniel Clark, Sr. has been working for six years in the village of Kwigillingok as a Community Health Aide/Practitioner. This summer, even with his subsistence fishing and gathering, Daniel has amazed me and went above and beyond with doing Well Childs—15 to be exact. This exceeded his goal of six for the month of July. He has also been giving immunizations along with his co-workers. With the many days he called to go subsistence fishing, he surprised me by going above his normal number of Well Childs for the month, showing his hard work and dedication to keeping the children in his community up-to-date.

Kwigillingok is very fortunate to have someone like you, Daniel, for taking care of the children and keeping them healthy through immunizations and Well Childs. Thank you and keep up the wonderful hard work!

August, 2013—Joseph Okitkun of Kotlik

Nominated by Anna Tinker

Joseph Okitkun is a certified session I Health Aide and trained at session II. In the absence of co-workers he has been giving immunization shots at the clinic, even following up with the due list one afternoon while he was on PTO.

Joseph really wants to finish his session II field work so he could officially take the on call phone.

He works tirelessly at his clinic and wants to float out to other villages when there is a float working at his Clinic.

He is a very responsible health care provider with a positive attitude. He communicates with his supervisor, never complains and finishes his job when he is asked.

Both YKHC and his community depend on Joseph’s commitment to his job for their care and the service he delivers.