YKHC’s new Health Transformation Department is grant-funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The purpose is to create healthier communities by:

  • Building capacity to implement broad evidence and practice-based policy, environmental, programmatic, and infrastructure changes
  • Supporting implementation of such interventions in five strategic directions, aligning with Healthy People 2020.

Five “Strategic Directions”

  • Tobacco-free living
  • Active living and healthy eating
  • High impact evidence-based clinical and other preventive services
  • Social and emotional wellness
  • Healthy and safe physical environment

All strategies are associated with specific measures to achieve health equity, eliminate health disparities, and improve the health of the population and population subgroups.

Upcoming Event

Community Health Needs Assessment

Health Transformation Department Contacts

Wileina Rhodes
Program Coordinator
Phone: (907) 543-6167
Fax: (907) 543-6143

Wole Fadahunsi
Principal Investigator
Phone: 907-543-6193
Fax: 907-543-6143