Healthy Alaskans 2020 survey results released

Story by – State of Alaska Dept. of Health & Social Services and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

December 5, 2012 - 3 minutes read

From the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

ANCHORAGE — Preliminary results from the initial Healthy Alaskans 2020 survey have been released. Alaskans were invited to take the survey between Sept. 17 and Oct. 22, 2012. The results will be used to formulate the next survey, which will be designed to further narrow the list of leading health issues. The process is expected to guide health efforts in our state based on common health goals over the next decade.

According to the more than 1,500 Alaskans who responded to the survey, the top 10 health issues important to Alaskans, in order of priority, are:

  • alcohol use and abuse;
  • cost of health care;
  • diet, exercise and obesity;
  • other substance abuse;
  • violence;
  • community safety;
  • quality of life and well-being;
  • sexual and reproductive practices;
  • chronic disease related health outcomes; and
  • education.

Questions in the survey were divided into five main categories: Health Behaviors, Access to Care, Social and Economic Factors, Physical Environment, and Health Outcomes. The top concerns for each of the categories included:

Please select the specific Health Behaviors you are most concerned about:

  • Overweight and obesity: 15.4%
  • Heavy drinking: 9.6%
  • Illegal drug use: 7.4%

Please select the specific Access to Care topic you are most concerned about:

  • Ability to pay for health care: 39.2%
  • Having a regular health care provider in your area: 12.9%

Please select the general Social and Economic Factor you are most concerned about:

  • Individuals and families living in poverty: 11.5%
  • Having enough household income: 11.0%
  • People driving while intoxicated: 10.2%
  • Child maltreatment: 8.4%

Please select the general Physical Environment topic you are most concerned about:

  • Access to healthy foods (including in schools): 20.6%
  • Access to recreational activity and physical activity (including P.E. in schools): 19.1%
  • Availability of safe places to walk and bike: 15.6%
  • Access to clean water and waste-water services: 9.4%

Please select the specific Health Outcome topic you are most concerned about:

  • Mental health: 16.3%
  • Drugs or alcohol-related deaths: 15.1%
  • Poor health or death due to overweight or obesity: 12.3%
  • Health-related quality of life: 12.2%
  • Suicide: 11.5%

The complete report is available on the Healthy Alaskans 2020 website at The next survey period begins Jan. 15, 2013. The survey will once again be open to all Alaskans at