Pampered and Peaceful—


Irnivik—A Place to Have Babies is a more personalized family-oriented labor and delivery unit!

Once you are in Irnivik you are encompassed by serenity. The colors are soothing and the atmosphere calm.  Each room is individually personalized for comfort and labor with lovely quilts on the walls and animal footprints on the ceilings! The showers have a hand-held shower massager and a seat built in—a comfortable and relaxing way to labor. Once you’re out of the shower the radiant heat lamp keeps you warm and comfortable.

The facility is equipped with specialized baby warmers and state of care oxygen supply in each room. The baby and parents don’t have to be separated at any point. If a baby is having difficulties, our fully trained neonatal resuscitation certified nurses have a nursery with state of the art equipment available. There are also viewing windows so visitors under 14 years or relatives with cold symptoms can see the new baby. Rooming in is encouraged for the Moms to bond with their children but babies are also welcome in the nursery so Mom can catch up on her sleep!

We now are locked down to prevent unwanted visitors from disturbing the peace. We have security cameras that allow us to view the visitors before we “buzz’ the visitor in (please push the door after you ring the bell). We encourage you to check out our updated “birth calendar” each month outside of the OB/Ward to keep track of how many boys and girls are born at YKDRH!

After the babies arrive the parents receive our new swaddling sleep sacks. We choose to go to the sleep sacks as it supports our safe baby sleep program of “back to sleep” with no extra bedding in the cribs. The sacks are made of fleece and multi-layered.

Our breast feeding moms get special “Boppy” breastfeeding pillows, generously provided by a grant from our Diabetes Prevention Program. Breast-fed babies tend to be less obese and less susceptible to diabetes later in life. Not to mention the other benefits for breastfeeding—like better immunity, better digestion, and better bonding with the family.

Quite often our moms are welcomed by the same staff that delivered their last child! We make follow-up calls to our moms two weeks after their babies are born to check and see how they are doing with their breastfeeding and well baby checks. We see if there are any questions we can answer or any way that we can insure that they receive the very best care. Our nurses are dedicated to making the experience in Irnivik exceptional.

As always, we appreciate our expectant mothers from our villages and service area to acknowledge and comply with their “Be In Bethel” date! YKHC is proud to announce that the construction of the new Pre-Maternal home is set to take place in the summer of 2012!