January 2013 Health Aide of the Month: Theresa Twitchell, CHA II in Kasigluk

Story by – Martha Attie, Supervisor Instructor

February 14, 2013 - 1 minute read

Theresa Twitchell, CHA II in Kasigluk, became a Community Health Aide in November, 2011. Since I’ve hired and known her, her skills as a CHA show that she works and cares for her patients.

She is also friendly, understanding, and asks questions when in doubt. She has children and is busy at home as well.

When I observed her work as a Health Aide, she was comfortable and her hands-on skills were professional. On the first of this year  she was on-call and she gave her first peds IV. Dr. Bowerman sent this message to her supervisors, “I’m very impressed with Theresa who made a big difference in a dehydrated 8 year-old this morning at 2 a.m. by placing her first peds IV. It’s a pleasure working with these CHA’s.”

Talented CHA’s like Theresa are great to have in our clinics, they can save lives working with our providers and following their training skills and CHAM. Thank you, Theresa, for your dedication to providing excellent health care!

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