McCann Treatment Center

About the Center

The McCann Treatment Center (MTC) is a Residential Psychiatric Treatment Center (RPTC) located in Bethel, Alaska, which provides clinical psychiatric and substance abuse services for 14 Alaskan male youth between the ages of 10 and 18.

The Center specializes in serving youth with serious emotional and behavioral problems and also in providing care for youth who have developed problems with inhalants and other substances. Placement is made by the youth’s guardian, the State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services, or the Division of Juvenile Justice.

As an RPTC, more comprehensive treatment can be provided than in a traditional substance abuse program. The Center is staffed with a Program Director, a child psychiatrist/medical director, two master’s level clinicians, a psychiatric nurse, certified school teachers, educational technicians, a full-time Elder counselor, residential psychiatric technicians and support staff.

Referrals to the residential program come from all around Alaska, as well as from outside the state. The majority of youth served have come from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta area and other rural Alaskan communities.

The treatment program focuses on culturally competent services, which are reinforced by the active participation of a full-time Elder Counselor. Elders provide a wide range of cultural activities, crafts and projects, but also participates in individual, family and group sessions, serving as a role model and instilling pride in the culture the youth identify with.

Family participation in treatment is essential and required, with weekly telephone sessions between the family and the residential clinicians. MTC has developed a Subsistence Education Program that provides vocational like services and treatment options for youth focusing on traditional subsistence and food gathering activities. This program is centered around the powerful healing medium of traditional cultural practices and blends evidenced based practices to maximize successful outcomes. Other cultural experiences are available, like traditional steam, native dancing, and crafts.

Wraparound services are provided through the Center utilizing existing support services in the youth’s family and community. Staff from the McCann Center serve as support and consultants to the team following discharge.


Referrals to the McCann Treatment Center can be made by contacting the Admissions Coordinator at the McCann Center in Bethel:

  • 907-543-6800-6813, or
  • Toll free at 1 (800) 478-3321, Ext. 6800, or 6813.

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