Melody Deacon-Kruger, July Health Aide of the Month

Story by – Balassa Larson, SI

September 21, 2012 - 1 minute read
Melody Deacon-Kruger

Melody’s performance in exceeding her Well Child exam goals every month has gone above and beyond. She has also consistently proven to be an excellent role model and a valued YKHC employee. Melody is competent, caring, dedicated, responsible and an effective CHP and highly motivated when it comes to Well Child exams. She has been doing them not only in Anvik but in Grayling and Shageluk as well.

From September, 2011 to July, 2012, Melody has consistently exceeded her goal every month. Her rate is currently at 224 percent and because of her dedication, Anvik’s immunization rate is also at 100 percent. Immunizations Coordinator Kathy Stanton says, “while floating to surrounding villages, Melody has always called the EPSDT (Well Child) program to get an accurate number of EPSDT/Immunization due list and have us send her vaccines she needs so she can get everyone caught up on their immunizations as well. Melody has a great passion for her work and truly cares about the people, not only in her village but surrounding villages as well, especially the children and teens.”

Everyone in Anvik, Grayling and Shageluk are fortunate to have Melody as an EPSDT provider for they will have longer, brighter and healthier lives. “Thank you, Melody,” said Supervisor Instructor Balassa Larson, who nominated Melody,on behalf of YKHC, I commend you for your hard and effective work and I encourage you to keep up the wonderful work.”

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