Mock Disaster & Mass Casualty Drill

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July 31, 2014 - 1 minute read

First-Aid-Kit-1Public Notice & Advisory

The general public should be aware that YKHC, in collaboration with many regional agencies is scheduling a disaster drill and exercise taking place today, Thursday, July 31st. Remember, this is an exercise and learning experience that will not only test emergency pressure placed on our health care delivery system, but more importantly serve as a learning experience for all parties and departments involved on ways we can improve – in the event of a true disaster. The number one rule about today’s anticipated event and exercise will be  SAFETY FIRST and continued DELIVERY of CARE.  Our communications team will be working to brief media and regional agencies about this exercise, understanding some patient delays may occur as a result. Performing in this mass casualty EXERCISE drill is part of being compliant with Level 4 Trauma  Certification by the State of Alaska Trauma Registry and the Joint Commission. This exercise will demonstrate the way to evaluate how YKHC can improve in responding to true emergencies, and we thank you for your patience as week strive to continue to improve our health care delivery system in the Y-K delta.


 Public Notice & Advisory