National Nutrition Month

Story by – Karen Stockton, RD, LD, Clinical Dietitian

March 6, 2012 - 1 minute read

An Apple a Day…

March is National Nutrition Month! YKHC wants to help you “Shape Up Your Plate!” 

Half of your plate should consist of fruits and vegetables. Some good examples of fruits from the tundra would be blueberries, salmonberries and blackberries.

Always make sure that you have a variety of colors on your plate to ensure different kinds of nutrients. One fourth of your plate should be low-fat protein sources such as moose, caribou, salmon, and poultry. Try baking, broiling, or barbequeing instead of frying. Frying adds extra calories and fats.

The other fourth of your plate should be healthy grains and starches: rice, potatoes and whole grain breads. Half of these should be whole grains, which have much more fiber and nutrients than white bread and white rice. The extra fiber helps with colon health and can decrease your cholesterol numbers. Dairy products go on the side of the plate and are a healthy drink choice. Low fat milk is best.

Using smaller plates helps limit oversized portions. “The standard 10-inch plate may be too large. Switch to 8-inch or appetizer-sized plates and you will automatically portion and eat less without feeling deprived,” said Angela Ginn from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Looking at our plate is an easy way to start with a healthier lifestyle.