Preventing tobacco use among youth: What’s best for the children of the YK Delta?

Story by – Ayo Obashoro, YKHC Tobacco Prevention & Research

April 16, 2012 - 1 minute read

If there is one thing that a majority of people agree on, it is that children should not use tobacco. For the same reasons you would not allow your 4-year-old to drive a car, or to drink alcohol, you should also make sure they stay away from tobacco products: “To keep them safe from harm.”

Kids look up to us to protect them and keep them healthy. That’s our job, but how exactly can we protect our kids from tobacco when it is literally everywhere? It might seem overwhelming sometimes, unsolvable even. But with education and a little effort, even a small group of people can make a big difference when they come together. So what can our community do to reduce tobacco use among children and youth?

Have you ever heard of the Delta Tobacco Control Alliance (DTCA)? We are a small group of individuals and agencies working on projects throughout Bethel and the Delta to:

  • Reduce tobacco use among youth.
  • Reduce second-hand smoke exposure.

The DTCA needs your help! To find out more information on the next meeting, or to discuss current projects we are working on please see our contact information below.

1-800-478-3321 ext. 6312 ~ 543-6312

YKHC Tobacco Prevention & Research
Attn: DTCA
Box 287 Bethel, AK   99559 or

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