Prevention Gatherings explore healing after Historical Trauma

Story by – YKHC Behavioral Health Prevention Services

September 12, 2013 - 1 minute read

calricaraq-graphicKotlik, Newtok, and Mt. Village each held three-day community gatherings this Spring. YKHC’s Preventative Services Calricaraq-Yuuluaqauciq program was invited to participate.

Calricaraq addresses Historical Trauma, Traditional Healing, and the Cycle of Yup’ik ancestral wisdom, values, and teachings that parallels with storytelling.

Throughout each of the gathering days, Calricarraq motivates and empowers participants toward self-sufficiency, encouraging them to be a source of support to others who experience emotional pain.

These commuities are making the effort to engage their people in reviving the “Nutemllaat” (original prescribed ways) from our treasures, the Elders.

Historical Trauma or, in Yup’ik, “Ellarpaqertellriim Tumliquallra” is addressed in terms of “why and how we moved away from traditional and cultural values” due to massive past events that still impact us today.

After this presentation, individuals begin to focus on the process of healing. Elders (“apercitaartet” —ones who give form) guide and instruct participants on how to express trauma. Once that is acknowledged, self-awareness and creativity begin to emerge.

Youth, adults, and elders participate in group discussions to practice listening skills, learning to express and communicate traumatic events so that healing can happen. Tools to address trauma include the Trauma Timeline, Color Coded Genogram, followed by the presentation of Calricaraq that restores the prescribed way-of-living that our Yup’ik ancestors used to stay healthy and strong before impact.

For more information, contact YKHC’s Prevention Department Director Rose Domnick at 907-543-6738