YKHC’s Developmental Disabilities Program provides a number of services funded through individual grants. All of our plans are developed with the individual and family and are individualized to meet their need. Two-thirds of the individuals we serve are funded through the Medicaid Waiver program and one-third is funded through the Grant program.

The Home and Community-Based Waiver is a choice program. The individual and family have the choice of what services will be provided and how they will be provided. For some individuals, the services that are provided meet day-to-day needs and are needed for a lifetime. However, it is important to note, an individual also has the right to withdraw from services at any time if he or she chooses to do so.

Our program provides a variety of services involving in-home care, support in the community, job training, intensive individualized treatment plans, home modification and respite.

We provide in-home care focusing on independent living skills and activities of daily living. We support people who want to be involved in the community and engage in a variety of subsistence activities. We support people who are interested in gaining employment and provide staff to assist folks who need on-the-job training.

We assist individuals with developmental disabilities who need their home to be modified to better meet their day-to-day needs such as building accessible ramps.

For individuals with more intensive needs, we provide specialized personnel who develop individualized treatment plans to meet specific needs. We also provide respite for families to take a break from providing care to their family member who experiences a developmental disability.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding Developmental Disabilities, or an individual you know who may have a Developmental Disability or you are wondering about what services are appropriate or the services mentioned above, please feel free to contact STAR Coordinator at 907-543-1768.

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