Provider Profile – Dr. Thomas Valley

Story by – YKHC Public Relations

May 8, 2012 - 3 minutes read
Internal Medicine & Specialty Clinic Doctor
Dr. Thomas Valley.

Did you know that YKHC staff and case managers work closely with a wide variety of health professionals across the state (and country) to provide much needed and specialty care services to our service area?

Meet Dr. Thomas Valley, the hospital’s new addition and Internal Medicine Doctor who will be working in Specialty Clinic.

Dr. Valley graduated from Medical School at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center in 1997. He then did a three-year Internal Medicine Residency program with the same university, completing it in June of 2000.  He has 12 years work experience since completion of his residency program and is Board Certified through the American Board of Internal Medicine.

From June 2009 to March 2012  he provided services in a Community Health Clinic located in Baker, West Virginia.  He provided routine, preventative, and diagnostic medical care for underserved adults and occasionally adolescents. His interests beyond the scope of his practice in medicine include church, family, cycling, and computers. Welcome aboard Dr. Tom Valley!

Specialty Clinic Appointments

According to Specialty Clinic Case Manager Catherine Crews, LPN,  here are some helpful tips that patients should know before seeing or setting an appointment up with a specialist health practitioner:

  • All of our patients who visit or have been seen at YKDRH’s specialty clinic must first obtain a referral from their primary doctor, mid-level provider or from their local village clinic, their SRC or the hospital.
  • Many specialty clinic appointments are scheduled well over a month in advance. If you know you are going to miss your appointment, please call the scheduling attendant so another patient who may be on the wait-list could take your slot!
  • Please try to keep your appointment times! Often when specialist providers are in Bethel, they will see patients back-to-back and the time spent with them is very special! Don’t miss your appointments!
  • Non-beneficiaries of Indian Health Service (IHS) are eligible to obtain appointments with YKHC specialists who come to the Bethel hospital. It should be noted, however, that most insurance agencies will only pay for a consultation and assessment with one specialist (per calendar year) so it is encouraged for non-beneficiaries to consider seeking specialty care  in Anchorage so their insurance isn’t charged twice.