RAVEN announces new services

Story by – the RAVEN Team

May 15, 2014 - 2 minutes read


ravenlogoYKDRH Registration, SRC Registration, and Village Clinic Registration have been using Patient Electronic Signature (eSig) for several months.

They have been using four electronic forms during the patient registration process to capture patient signatures with the eSig pad and RAVEN’s Scheduling Application. The RAVEN team recently upgraded eSig to version 3 which has more functionality. As a result, we just recently finished adding an additional 45 forms.

The RAVEN team is in the process of rolling out these new forms with some new hardware called the Motion tablet. The Motion tablet is a medically approved tablet. Providers and nurses will use it to obtain a patient’s signature at bedside. In addition to the ability to capture these signatures, the Motion tablet can run all RAVEN applications. Also, the Workstations On Wheels (WOWs) now have ePads to collect patient signatures.

eSig Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates costs of printing, scanning, and storing forms that need to be signed
  • Speeds up the patient signature capture process with patient and encounter specific information prepopulated on the form
  • Removes bottlenecks in processes caused by missing signed consent forms
  • Automated association of signed documents to the correct location within the patient record
  • “Hard Stop” functionality that ensures required forms are presented for signature as part of the workflow


myYKHealth is a website where patients can manage their health care outside of the traditional office visit. RAVEN’s Patient Portal project team has worked since January to create myYKHealth. It’s accessible via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Patients use myYKHealth to:

  • Fill prescriptions and request Refills
  • Update demographic information
  • Directly book specific appointments, reschedule/cancel any appointment
  • View lab results, medications, and educational material
  • And download parts of their health record
  • Securely message with the Case Manager who will communicate to your provider

myYKHealth will be available June 2014. Once live, providers will have the ability to send educational materials and documents electronically via myYKHealth for anyone with a “Yes” in their banner bar.