RAVEN, The Next Big Wave

Story by – Emily Paukan, CHAP St. Mary's SRC

September 13, 2012 - 1 minute read

RAVEN: Records And Verification Electronic Network

RAVEN is Electronic Health Records. This will change and improve how we provide care for the people in our YK Delta communities.

It will take time for us to learn the new systems and to make the change from paper forms to electronic health records.

YKHC staff is being trained now. For a while after the system goes live in January, the flow of patients coming in to be seen will slow down and the length of their visits will increase. But soon, we will be able to pick up speed again.

The initial inconvenience will pay off in the long run, however.

With RAVEN, we will be able to share records between Bethel, Anchorage and the villages immediately. This means that when you’re seen in Anchorage, we will have access to your visit, what medications you were given, when your follow up is to be, what doctor has seen you and if further appointments are needed. Your care should have no interruptions, and be better for everyone.

This also means Radio Medical Traffic (RMT) will be faster and the referral process will also speed up.

This new big wave is going to help all of us take better care of you!

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