Story by – Jennifer Dobson, EHR Team

July 10, 2012 - 2 minutes read

Our Electronic Health Record system now has a name: RAVEN, which stands for Records And Verification Electronic Network. RAVEN is going to be used to move our medical record keeping—including how we document our patient encounters in Village Clinics—from paper forms kept in paper folders, to electronic forms and electronic charts.

Team Spotlight—Mien Chyi

Meet Dr. Mien Chyi. She came to YKHC in 2009 after spending a month here while she was a resident. She is a major contributor to the RAVEN project as a member of the Ambulatory and Acute Care Physician teams.

“As a physician working on the RAVEN project, my role is primarily to help us design an EHR system that allows providers to better communicate with patients, providers, Health Aides, and other staff members,” she explained.

Dr. Chyi works closely with many other RAVEN team members and she’s proud of how the teams work together. She also said that the RAVEN project has given her “a new level of appreciation for the work that YKHC employees do. It has helped me understand how all of us contribute to patient care.”

Here are a few ways RAVEN will benefit our patients

Safety. Important patient care instructions, results, and orders are typed and displayed so that the information is clear and easy to understand.

Coordination of Care. Providers that see you will have access to your up-to-date medical information.

Instant Access. Imagine being seen at a village health clinic in the morning and getting referred to the Emergency Room in Bethel later that day. Your EHR will instantly be available!

Emergency Care. Our EHRs can speak for us. They will communicate our important medical history and needs even if we are unable to speak.

Access. RAVEN won’t just improve the care that we provide to patients, it will also give YOU better access to your medical information! Find out more on our website: www.ykhc.org/raven