Drug/Alcohol Treatment Access

If you are seeking treatment for drug or alcohol dependence, the standard procedure is as follows:

If you are in Bethel, contact the Behavioral Health Integrated Outpatient Clinic at 543-6101 and get an appointment for screening and assessment for alcohol/drug treatment.

In a village one can contact their Behavioral Health Aide and get an appointment for screening and assessment. Or you can call 543-6101 to set up an appointment.

Behavioral Health Services

We provide an array of holistic, life enhancing, culturally based behavioral health services for the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Priority is given in all programs to children who are in custody of the State of Alaska, pregnant women, severely emotionally disturbed children and adults, IV drug users and persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDs.

Emergency & Residential Services

  • Emergency On-Call Responders
  • YKDRH Hospital Evaluation Services
  • Crisis Respite Center (CRC)
  • Kuskokwim Emergency Youth Services
    – Residential Diagnostic Treatment Center (RDT)
    – Receiving Home
  • McCann Treatment Center
    – Residential Psychiatric Treatment
    – Boys’ Group Home

Outpatient & Village Services

  • Integrated Outpatient Clinic
    – Psychiatric Services
    – Psychological Services
    – Outpatient Counseling Services
    – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Diagnostic Team
    – Behavioral Health Aides
  • Family Spirit Project

Support Services & Training

  • Program Support Services

Adult Rehabilitation Services

  • Phillips Ayagnirvik Treatment Center
    – Residential Program
    – Bethel Therapeutic Court Treatment Program
  • Camai Case Management
  • Bautista House

Critical Incident Stress Management/Community Health Aide Program Support

  • Health Aide Support
  • Community Support
  • Disaster Response