Mission Statement: Working together to strengthen children and families


We believe that Yup’ik values and family structures promote health and wellness.

We believe that traditional and clinical approaches can work side by side to promote health and wellness.

We respect the knowledge and wisdom that exists in families

We utilize a trauma-informed approach.

We value having a gathering place where our people can have access to comprehensive services and supports.

One Location, behind the New YK building (see inset photograph)

To provide a safe, friendly and family focused environment to address the issues our population faces.

  • Allow children to behave more like children without disrupting services for adult clients.
  • Children will not have to sit in a waiting room with adults who have severe mental illness, which could be frightening to them.
  • Eliminate the risk of children and perpetrators having contact with one another.
  • All Healthy Family groups can have a consistent location.
  • Use space for full range of play therapy, family therapy and culturally relevant skills training (including cultural activities/approaches).
  • Provide families with several hours of service vs 1 hour.
  • Provide a team-focused program to serve children and families.

The partnership between YKHC and Bethel’s Orutsararmiut Native Council has already begun! YKHC’s behavioral health services hosts a Healthy Families group every other Wednesday. YKHC BH has designated over a half a dozen families to participate in these groups. Medicaid pays for the families to attend individual and family therapy sessions with clinicians. In addition, ONC hosts the Healthy Families groups for ages 14 and older as well as a youth group for ages 13 and younger at the same time as the adult group.

YKHC and ONC share a goal of increasing the number of Native professionals. The Family Center can be used as a central training ground to help increase the number of clinically trained individuals in the Y-K delta. It will help increase interest and motivation for local people to advance their skills in family and community health and wellness initiatives. Increasing the number of qualified potential staff results in YKHC and ONC improving quality level behavioral health services by growing our local workforce.