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Village Clinics
Staff dentists and hygienists travel to village clinics with portable dental equipment on a rotating basis. Treatment options can include disease prevention, basic restorative care (like fillings and pediatric silver crowns), and simple extractions.

Sub-Regional Clinics
Visiting or resident dentists or Dental Therapists provide exams, x-rays, simple cleanings, fillings, simple extractions, and root canals (on front teeth only).

Bethel Dental Clinic

In addition to the treatments provided in our Village and Sub-Regional Clinics, services at the Bethel Dental Clinic include: exams, x-rays, cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, fillings, simple and surgical extractions, pediatric crowns, adult crowns and bridges, partial and complete dentures, simple root canal treatments, and minor oral surgeries.

Dental emergencies involving pain, swelling, and/or bleeding can receive treatment during regular clinic hours. Please keep in mind that emergent patients are seen in order of urgency, not in order of arrival. After-hours dental emergencies can go to the hospital Emergency Room. There is an “on-call” dentist to assist ER staff when needed.

Please keep in mind…

More complex dental work – like adult crowns and bridges, partial and complete dentures, molar root canal treatments, and oral surgeries – may need to be referred to Anchorage at the patient’s expense.

Some services provided in Bethel may fall outside of the scope of routine preventive, restorative and urgent care covered by the Indian Health Service and would require payment. Often, these costs cover the additional expense of special equipment, time and laboratory fees. Fees for specific treatments can be discussed at initial exams.

Contact Information

907-543-6229 or 1-800-478-DENL (3365)


8 a.m. – 12 p.m., 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Early Childhood Caries (Tooth Decay)

Early Childhood Caries (ECC), or early childhood tooth decay, is an infectious disease that can start as soon as an infant’s teeth erupt from the gums. ECC is a serious problem that can progress rapidly and may have a lasting impact on a child’s health and well-being. 

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