Spring is Here – Some tips on how to enjoy it Y-K Delta Style

Story by – Rose Domnick - YKHC Behavioral Health & Preventative Services

March 21, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Camai_FinalIt’s the first day of spring. Here are some tips to celebrate it Y-K Delta & Bethel Style!

Make time for ice fishing- Find a friend who can take you ice fishing. Let the breeze blow your worries away, allow for the elements to calm you and refresh you. Meditation automatically results while you are jigging for fish. It can be fun as well as being productive with catch!

Find a friend who has a steam bath, and consider taking a good, hot steam! You may experience spiritual and emotional cleansing as well as bonding with friendships and conversation over this uplifting experience!

If you’re in Bethel, consider helping each Friday at the Covenant Church Supper club from 6 to 7:30 PM. There’s a ton going on with this weekend’s annual Camai Dance Festival! Getting out in the community will lift your spirits and so will the beat of the drums!

Go out and get some firewood, go ptarmigan hunting with friends who are able to take you out. Engaging in physical activity outdoors for men is the best way to cleanse the mind, heart and spirit. If you don’t have use for what you gather, an elder who does not have anyone to provide for them will bless you with good wishes. Invite a buddy who maybe hasn’t had a chance to get outdoors in quite sometime!

Our traditional food is abundant, and some of the Omega-3s in the local food supply helps supplement and helps our brains fight depression as well as disease or even the common cold!

Many of our traditions focus around social gatherings because our ancestors really understood that being alone is the worst situation to be in when the heart, spirit or the mind is heavy. There’s so much to do now that Spring has Sprung!