Staying Healthy: Preventing Tooth Decay

Story by – YKHC Dental Dept.

July 7, 2014 - 1 minute read
The progression of cavities in a young child.

Tooth decay, or cavities, continues to be a concern in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta. This disease is common in our children, especially those from birth to five years old. 

These cavities may cause the child pain, difficulty with eating or speaking, problems with learning, and crowded teeth later in life.

So what should a parent of a young child do?

The chance of getting cavities, or the cavity risk, can be reduced with the help of a dedicated parent. Here are a few ways.

  • See a dental provider when the first baby tooth arrives!
  • Paint fluoride on the child’s teeth—a Health Aide, a DHAT, or Dentist can help with this.
  • Brush the child’s teeth every day in the morning and at night, even if the child doesn’t want you to.
  • No sweet drinks in bottles at bed time.

Following these simple steps can help lower the cavity risk that a patient will develop cavities.  Look at your child’s teeth to watch for problems.

Together we can help keep our children healthy and smiling!