Teens tackle the quit tobacco message

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March 1, 2012 - Less than a minute read
Shown in the photo: Shawn Paul. Slogans written by Carl Flynn (Kick the dip out of your life) and Nathaniel Kameroff (Whip your habit back on the right track!)

While education has a role to play in anti-tobacco efforts, peer pressure, ownership and the “cool factor” cannot be ignored, especially when talking to teens.

A Tobacco Free Slogan Contest was created for high school students to enter. Winners from the contest had their slogans featured on BMX photos taken at last fall’s Bethel Fair.

What is unique about this contest is that pictures were of high school students, slogans were created by high school students, and the posters will hang in the halls of the high school. Why? Because kids listen to their friends.

Download the poster