Think Pink!

Story by – Donna Bach, Director, Public Relations & Intergovernmental Affairs

October 22, 2012 - 2 minutes read

Are you a football fan? Have you channel surfed through this election season’s political ads and debates and found flashes of bright pink everywhere – on shoes, on commercials, arm bands, head bands and more? Even your favorite baseball teams as they bid to win their league championships are part of this growing trend.

If you aren’t already aware, October is National Breast Cancer Prevention and Awareness Month, and the signature color for breast cancer awareness is – you guessed it, PINK!

Our Women’s Health and Radiology teams, with tremendous support from Senior Leadership and subregional clinic staff, work 52 weeks a year to accomplish the Patient Centered Excellence goal to “Increase screening rates for colorectal, breast, and cervical cancers to meet or exceed Healthy People 2020 Goals.”

What does this mean? If you ask Luke Vanasse, Director of the Women’s Health Grant, he’ll tell you that prevention and early detection saves lives. Vanasse works closely with the case managers and SRC teams that travel with “Sophie,” our mobile mammography machine. Sophie visits all of our Subregional clinics during the year.

This month, THINK PINK— and encourage your mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and maybe even a few gentlemen (men can get breast cancer too!) to schedule an appointment and get screened if they are age 40 or older and/or have a family history of breast cancer.

Please call scheduling at 543-6442 or the Radiology Department at 543-6998 for more information or for answers to questions you may have about early detection and screening for cancer.