Trailblazer of HOPE

Story by – Revenue Dept.

March 7, 2012 - 1 minute read

Diana Murat’s dedication to the YKHC organization and the Healthcare Outreach Programs and Enrollment (HOPE) continues to receive recognition, according to HOPE’s Executive Director Fran Liptrot.

Diana conducts outreach and enrollment for Alaska’s Medicaid and Denali Kid Care populations, along with other third-party payer resources.

Due to the success of HOPE, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recommended YKHC’s program to an executive at the KAT Communications firm in Bismark, North Dakota. Diana will be sharing her expertise with Native American tribes in the Dakotas. Diana also presented this information recently at the National Indian Health Board’s annual consumer conference held in Anchorage in October.

“Diana and her team have increased Medicaid enrollment for our region to 55 percent,” said Fran Liptrot, “which is nearly the peak of enrollment according to federal and state census data. She is YKHC’s trailblazer for implementation and executing the goals and objectives of HOPE.”