YKHC’s Travel Management Center helps patients with medically necessary travel arrangements and assists with YKHC corporate travel. TMC has two in-house travel agency locations — Anchorage and Bethel — and a patient hostel, Qavartarvik. The travel agency offices may assist with travel-related services including airline ticketing, ground transportation and lodging. The hostel is a short-term lodging facility for hospital (YKDRH) patients.

Bethel TMC is conveniently located in the hospital to help patients. Travel is not free and patients are expected to have a form of payment at the time tickets are issued. The staff of Bethel TMC assists patients in obtaining prior authorizations for medical travel as well as meals, lodging and ground transportation when applicable.

Prior authorizations are required for Medicaid and third-party private insurance billing and reimbursement. It is the responsibility of the patient to contact Bethel TMC in advance to allow enough time to obtain prior authorizations before the patient travel begins. If YKHC bills an insurance company for patient travel and is denied payment, the patient will be expected to reimburse YKHC.

Anchorage TMC shares corporate office space with several departments of YKHC in Anchorage. This office arranges YKHC corporate travel including air, car and lodging.

The Qavartarvik hostel is located in Bethel on the YKHC campus. It is a few minute’s walk from YKDRH. The hostel provides safe and affordable short-term lodging for YKDRH patients who are receiving health care and who are in transit from outside Bethel. The hostel will also provide the same services, when necessary, for authorized family members and for medical escorts who are required to accompany patients in transit.

Use of the YKHC hostel is determined solely by physician referral, in accordance with established criteria. All guests at the hostel will pay a fee. However, some may be eligible for reductions on the rates based on family size and income. Hostel staff may assist with routine patient travel after hours and during the weekend.

You many contact any of the TMC offices at the following:

  • Bethel TMC: 1-888-360-5888 or 907-543-6360
  • Anchorage TMC: 1-888-958-5855 or 907-677-7504
  • Qavartarvik Hostel: 907-543-6400

Medicaid Recipients –

Once prior authorization is obtained for Medicaid recipients, the patient is responsible to contact the State Travel Office (STO) to request reservations and ticketing. The STO is contracted by the State of Alaska to handle travel arrangements for prior authorized Medicaid recipients.

Medicaid has a Recipient Hotline that patients may call with Medicaid general, non-case specific, questions.

  • State Travel Office (STO): 1-800-514-7123
  • Recipient Hotline: 1-800-780-9972