Tribal Gathering Goes North

Story by – Jay Gandy, ESRC Operations Manager

April 30, 2013 - 2 minutes read
Lindsey Fletcher with the Jason Foundation at North Star Behavioral Health, paints Rhiannon Kameroff of Emmonak.

Last year, shortly after the Tribal Gathering in Bethel, a team of nine people donated a Saturday to travel to Emmonak for a Health Fair designed to bring YKHC and local community members closer together through understanding and fun.

This year, the Emmonak Subregional Clinic (ESRC) did it again on April 20 as 17 team members from Bethel enthusiastically volunteered to participate. Visitors and staff spent the day between the clinic and the Emmonak High School.

Nolan the Colon, the world’s largest inflatable colon, gave Donna Warner, FNP, the opportunity to explain the importance of being screened for colon cancer.

Other displays informed and entertained on health care topics, reinforced with gifts, fun, and free food. In addition to activities at the school, Immunization/Well Child Coordinator Kateri Spinella staffed and coordinated a daylong immunization clinic at the ESRC.

After the clinic closed, Staci Bruce, PHN3, our newest Public Health Nurse, stayed in Emmonak for four more days offering immunizations.

Members of North Star Behavioral Health were among the visitors, and Emmonak’s newest Behavioral Health Village Clinic Supervisor, Deirdre Piotrowski, introduced herself while painting children’s faces.

ESRC Dental Health Aide Therapists advanced preventative dentistry by applying fluoride treatments to children’s teeth and demonstrating the proper way to brush. Dental Assistants put on the tooth costume, which was a big hit with the kids.

Other participating departments included Community Health & Wellness teams addressing diabetes and tobacco prevention and control, healthy hearts and WIC. Stephanie Rossland, YK’s Benefits Manager, showed visitors why YKHC is such a great place to work.

Tribal Gathering Goes North is a clear example of YK’s mission – working together to achieve excellent health.

Chia Lin, with YKHC WIC, offers fresh oranges—a healthy alternative to soda.

Chia Lin, with YKHC WIC, offers fresh oranges—a healthy alternative to soda. 


Nolan The Colon makes an appearance in Emmonak.

Nolan The Colon makes an appearance in Emmonak.