Village Clinic Alternative Care Site Drill

Story by – Rhonda Vanover

May 2, 2012 - Less than a minute read
Emergency Preparedness
YKHC Safety and Facilities Management employees assemble the tent in a mock drill. — Photo by Rhonda Vanover

YKHC Safety and Facilites Maintenence employees got together earlier this week to test assemble the new Weatherhaven Village Clinic Alternative Care Site. The care site was funded by the DHSS SY12/FFY11 Healthcare Program Preparedness Grant.

“The great thing about this purchase is, now YKHC can easily deploy this mobile alternative care site during any ’emergency’ in which it is deemed necessary,” said Tristain Strait, Director of Safety & Security. “The driving force behind this purchase was derived from the evaluation of our internal response to Crooked Creek flooding, and how we could best provide health services in the event that we had a similar situation arise,” he said.

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