Years of Service Celebrated

Story by – Public Relations Staff

February 24, 2012 - Less than a minute read
YKHC employees honored for years of service Feb. 22: Anna Tinker, Diana Murat, Ann Glasheen, Christy Ticknor, Martha Sam, Paul Jenkins, and Abigail Samuelson.

Nineteen YKHC employees celebrated their Years of Service during a luncheon held on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in the Paul John Boardroom.
Of special mention—Paul Jenkins, Deborah Johnson, and Ann Glasheen have served the YK Delta region for over 20 years!

15 Years: Martha Lewis-Yohak, Martina Sam, Patricia Smith, and Christy Ticknor.

10 Years: Paul Dock, Diana Murat,  and Anna Tinker.

5 Years: Daniel Clark, Marie Inman, Carolyn Ivan, Linda Marley, Martha Napoka, Patrick Oulton, Abigail Samuelson, Bill Schreiner, Frieda Stone.